it’s a celebration!

itsacelebrationIt’s celebration time at xo-inmyroom!
Last week, a year since we started this blog, after more than 100 post, and the good friends we’ve made…we had a good reason to celebrate. Was Pablo’s birthday too, and this yummy cake, all in pink (thank you, Yolanda!) was for Olivia’s. Already 18 and such a beauty!

And not to forget: spring is here! XO

blackberry tart

I get really excited when I see berries growing on the side of the road. This means another season is coming by as the summer comes to a close. Blackberries are such a nutritious fruit. This recipe is a delicious way to incorporate them into a healthy dessert, so you can have them often. The natural sweetness of this fruit tart allows you to enjoy a tasty dessert without added sugar…Is there anything better than a day out in the sun picking up berries!?

Delicious! XO


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