green, green…and more green!

Theo CELRAHello!
Here is the reason for our lack of activity on this blog … and it’s none other than: we have moved!

Nau CelraOur new workshop is located in these “green” warehouses of a small town that has a reputation and prides itself on having a “green” attitude. The place where we design & produce our furniture.
And also … it’s spring! and we’re surrounded by GREEN!

handmade wooden kitchens

macarenabilbaoFrom her workshop in Tenerife, Macarena Bilbao designs, customizes and produces these wonderful children’s kitchenettes. As she tells us in her blog, it all started a couple of years ago when she made a kitchen for her kids out of an ikea table and a wooden pallet. All done with her own hands, and she had never used a drill before! That is called talent!
I specially love the ’50s look that the choice of fabrics and colors gives to them. XO


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