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Some time ago, we found this gorgeous kids wrapping paper costume (Pepe, my nephew is wearing it!) that I wanted to share with you, but had no idea where it came from or who designed it ( a designer HAD to be behind it, with such a clever design! )

After searching through Google for a while without results, I thought I would try on Pinterest to which I’m addicted. I also own a board titled kids costumes. One good thing about Pinterest is that you can always find the original source of the image you like, and this is the story of my research:

This image found in one of the boards I follow led me to meet a wonderful blog I didn’t know, wich is now on my blogroll. Wolf eye brows focus on art, design, food, illustration, fashion and many other subjects with an original, openminded approach. It is written and managed by Catherine a young and talented copywriter from South Africa. Running a blog is tough work now that I have experienced it myself (sigh!) and a way to thank someone for that effort is to give proper credit.

Stopping off place learned me that PLAYSACK was designed by Fredun Shapur for Trendon (Made In England by Trendon LTD.Malton.Yorkshire) in 1969. You can see the other designs in this blog: panda, leopard and bear. And I also found out that Deborah from Kickcan & Conkers already knew!

Next time, I will try the short way! XO

PS: Until the 5th of November you can see this toy and others at the exhibition Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900–2000, in the MoMA

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  1. I found this one at a flea market in Barcelona and always wondered what it was… not much information on this designer, I would love to know more!
    I have seen a few books and they are gorgeous! XO

  2. VERY creative. love the idea. you are right. A designer HAD to be behind it. Is
    there a place we can buy these costumes from? (in Melb)

    • Hi,
      I am afraid they are very difficult to find, you can try in vintage shops , I found mine at a flea market.It was part of a set named PLAYSACK, as you can see on the post. Unfortunately, they don’t produce them any more since the 70’s.
      Good luck! XO

  3. Believe it or not I am one of the kids in the picture.
    My Father designed Playsacks back in the late 60s.
    Good to see there are still some around

    • Hi. I researched these a few years back as I’d love to resurrect the designs. Would you have any idea as to who owns the copyright to the designs? I know that Trendon does not exist anymore. They are beautiful designs & I spent many years playing in them with my brother, I owned several! If you have any information I would really appreciate it. Many thanks.Andra

      • Hi Andra,
        Maybe you should ask Fredun Shapur’s son, he might know who owns the copyright (he left a comment below…)!

  4. this is soooo awesome! i had 3 or 4 of these as a kid, and a pic of me and my friend in a couple of them one halloween. i often think about those and wondered myself where they came from. my mom saves EVERYTHING, but sadly i haven’t found one left in a box anywhere.

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