less museums and more sales!

louisianamuseumWhenever I travel I try to visit at least one art museum with my children. Although protest and complain, I think, like Diana Vreeland that “the eye has to travel” and that when they grow up, something will be left.
Some of their complaints are justified: we found few art museums in the world that are children friendly. Instead, they are pompous and boring, even for an adult … and besides, you can not touch!
So it was a pleasant surprise to find LOUISIANA museum of modern art in a small town on the coast of Denmark. I recommend it to all parents!
The museum is located in a sculpture park facing the sea and the interaction between art, nature and the museum architecture is quite unique.
The Children’s Wing is a modern extension of the museum fully integrated with nature that offers a wide range of enriching activities for adults and children to explore together.
One of the current exhibitions was an installation by Yoko Ono, where you are invited to hang your personal wishes on a Wish Tree and at the same time, on large billboards in Copenhagen you will find poetic messages from the artist.
It was a very fun and intense day for the children, although not all resisted!
Happy weekend! XO

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