xo-inmyroom was born in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

The idea came across with the birth of our last child while trying to find furniture to decorate his nursery that wouldn’t look out of place in a home with four grown-up kids and two adults sharing one, big loft space to live.

And this is how it started: we made our first crib, named Theo, for our baby, and within a short time, Oskar, Reuben, Ray, Olivia, Pablo and many more came along…

We design, simple, natural, timeless furniture to be cherished forever. That grows up with your kids and becomes a part of your home because we truly believe that “buy less, choose well and make it last” is a way of life.

Our way of life, because we just can’t help falling in love with handmade products, well designed using quality materials and locally produced with respect for the environment.

We invite you to discover our brand and we hope you will love our sturdy and funky furniture as much as we do.

PS: Hi, my name is Carina, co-founder of xo-inmyroom. If you have any doubts, inquires or you just want to say hello! please reach me through the contact form and/or follow our IG page @xoinmyroom if you want to see a bit more behind the scenes.


The other half of xo-inmyroom is a venture of three brothers.

The elder one is the creative mind, professional photographer, Theo’s dad, and the designer for the kids furniture.

The one in the middle is in charge of the logistics, with all the knowledge of many years working in the production area for major publicity agencies.

The youngest brother is the craftsman. He inherited his father’s workshop for handmade wooden furniture.

After some years working on their own and the experience of raising up ten children between the three of them, they decided to build up xo-inmyroom, which resumes their passion for furniture well designed, handcrafted with quality materials and creative finishings. #handmadewithlove

Enjoy! XO



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  4. Hi Carina, how cute is your blog! We just found it through some of your post about Barcelona (our city) at Bellissima Kids, I will contact you by mail as well. Thanks and keep posting nice things!
    David //lötiekids

    • Thank you David! XO

  5. Me ha enxantado vuestro blog
    Y los muebles son superchulos

    • Muchas gracias Sofía!! XO

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