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  • Stiven, the friendly monster!

    The Stiven dresser is a “friendly monster” piece of furniture designed at the toddler’s height to reinforce kids achieve each milestone towards independence by managing their own clothes, toys, books or shoes. The mouth of the monster are shelves that can be personalized in different colors, as well as the clothes rack. It also has a …

  • How to build a sustainable beach house

    If you like to enjoy the beach and nature also in autumn, here are some ideas that you can teach your children. After the storm, this beach was full of logs that were washed away by the flood … Some families began to build cabins with these logs, until they made a village, a sustainable …

  • Back to the future: the return of the artisan work.

    A visual journey inside the creation process of a new furniture prototype. “Artisanal” is commonly used to describe hand-processing what had become an industrial process.The first sketches of the prototype are drawn by hand. More consumers are rejecting big brand / mass market in favour of independent brand / small market.Each piece of furniture is …

  • fruit salad

    Introducing our new Camille dresser: large storage capacity, smart design and clothes rack. For hanging clothes,to store toys, shoes, boxes…anything! Fruit salad from Mr. Printables.

  • updating the blog

    A little update on this blog for who does not follow us on IG where we are more active… This is our new wardrobe VALENTINA. Available now in the shop , and currently working in different color options you will see very soon. Stay tunned! XO

  • greenery

    2017 color of the year is Greenery, according to Pantone. Greenery also signifies beginnings: a fresh New Year; healthier food resolutions and growing vegetarian trends; grass and the outdoors during spring and summer. Ultimately, Greenery calls to mind the ‘re-’ words: refresh, revive, restore, renew… Renewed collection, available at xo-inmyroom. Guardar

  • mint & coral nursery

    Refreshing colors for this baby room with our Baby Buntles dresser and Mina crib in mint, coral and white. Remember we can customize all our furniture with your favourite colors! xo

  • new furniture/new pictures

    We are updating our shop with the NEW collection. Stay tunned!! xo

  • how to keep your desk tidy

    Easy with our TOM desk…each thing in its place! Available very soon at our shop and selected stores.

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