To make sure that future generations enjoy everything that we enjoy today, we need something called “sustainability”
in most areas of our lives. Sustainability looks at ways of making sure that the raw materials
and resources last a very long time or even forever.

Here are some everyday choices
that can make a difference and reduce
our environmental footprint:
Choose well and buy less
Slow down
Go plastic free
Pay attention to labels
Be water wise
Green your home

For xo-inmyroom social sustainability is one of our strongest commitments:

Using only wood from sustainable managed forests and
eco-friendly paints and varnishes.
Promoting the artisan work, working with local craftsmen and suppliers and building close relationships with all the people
involved in the making of the furniture.
We strive to encourage responsible consumption by creating handmade quality furniture designed to last and
be re-used and re-cycled. XO

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