Rob Hodgson

This is Rob Hodgson’s self portrait. He’s a british graphic designer & illustrator based in Bristol, UK.
I love the style and sense of humor of all his drawings which I think is the sort of illustration we would  love to see on children’s books more often.
Take a look at his Etsy shop where you can find his prints.

According to him, some inspirations are:  big and small things, folk objects, Mid Century illustration, On Natural Selection, Halloween, cavemen, JD Salinger, truth, mark making, trains, book shops, existential fiction, junk shops, Europe, field recordings, idiot savants, windows and doors, plastic toys, bones and pine cones, the Beatles, space documentaries, feral children, art, retail parks, parks, coffee in the morning, tea at bed time, dinosaurs…and so on! XO

l’opéra de la lune

loperadelaluneThis beautiful book is the 1953 first edition of L’opéra de la lune, written in the early fifties by poet Jacques Prévert and illustrated by Jacqueline Duhême. Tells the story of Michel Morin, a strange and dreamy little boy who spends his nights on the moon. Everything is very sad on earth, his parents are gone and he does not know them, people with whom he lives are busy and do not understand him. But up there, everything is more beautiful: the sky is full of stars and he can dream on the moon.

Happy weekend! XO