cirkus baby bed

A busy weekend at the studio.
Working on our next crib…we found inspiration here.
We are going to paint it in red and white…
I will post it when finished by the end of next week.
Welcome to the circus!

PEPE in his room

This is PEPE baby bed in his room.

Pepe is almost two years old. He loves to play with animals which are all over his room. He loves them so much, that at night he won’t go to sleep if they are not all in his bed. His mum has to remove them carefully and leave only his favourite monkey.

first baby bed THEO is born!

We are proud to introduce you to our first baby bed, named THEO.

This bed among other furniture for children is what you will soon find at our online store, but it’s hard work to design and produce them all (every single piece is handcrafted), so it’s taking a bit longer than what we expected (we will keep you updated!).

We took this picture in our studio this morning, before it goes to Violeta e Federico‘s shop window.