Barcelona mini-tour

Would you like to enjoy a mini-tour round Barcelona in four minutes? This is the lasting of this time-lapse piece named “Summer Barcelona” directed by Pau García Laita, a young and talented (only 22!) freelance filmmaker from our city. It’s a tilt-shift video of summer life of Barcelona, a photography technique that simulates miniature scenes.

We love the warmth and colours in it, it reminds us of the summer now it has gone! XO

(via fubiz)

girls bedroom

This weekend we have been very busy taking pictures of our home so we can exchange our house this summer for vacation.

I was unable to prepare monday’s post, but our kids were so helpful tidying up their rooms for the photographs that I thought of publishing one of them to say thank you.

Thank you Olivia & Irene!

Hopefully another big family at the other side of the Atlantic wants to come to our place. Welcome!