happy parents, unhappy children

Can’t wait for school to start this year. I know that children elsewhere in Europe have already gone
back to their routine, but not here, where we “enjoy” the longest school holidays worldwide (almost
3 months!). This must be because “Spain is different”…
Anyway, sorry for you kids, everything has an ending.

Happy weekend! XO

family album

Among the summer’s family photos I found this one (authentic, not Instagram) . Each summer we used to go on holidays to the coast, all the children piled in the back seat of our family car (the popular spanish Seicento, the equivalent of FIAT 500 nowadays). Here are the three brothers and two cousins‚Äč, and still missing four adults (mum & dad and my uncles) and all the luggage and props for the beach you can imagine!

…of course, no child’s safety car seats neither seat belts. Totally illegal. Nine in a 600! Remember those days? XO

summer in Spain

According to the news (wich I try not to read or watch too much these days for my own sake) almost 40% of spanish people will not be able to take holidays this year due to economical crisis.

So, good news for you, if you plan to visit our country this summer, hopefully you will find in our crowded beaches in the past, room enough to display your towel and reach the water without jumping over someone else!

We are awaiting your visit. Love. XO