the house that fell from sky & other stories

The house that fell from sky could be the tittle for a story book for kids and the images above, the illustrations.

French artist Jean-François Fourtou loves to play with the ideas of perspective and childhood worlds of imagination and magic. Playing with proportion and scale, Fourtou’s houses are inspired by personal memories of childhood and the disproportion of scenes from books such as Alice in Wonderland or Gulliver’s Travels. The experience of walking on the ceilings must evoke both a disorienting and funny feeling…and what about sharing table with a natural scale giraffe in your dining room? XO

(via covet garden)

a Xmas full of colour…

christmasLENA star lamp with colour light bulbs. Happy weekend! XO

early this morning

early-this-morningEarly this morning, we took these pictures while shooting on location in the south of Spain. We are staying at this amazing  english manor house located in the middle of the andalusian countryside. It has a beautiful story that was told to us by the current owner: his great-grandfather, an andalusian aristocrat, fell in love with an english young lady. To convince her to marry him and come to Spain and live, he built up this house as a replica of the one she was born in back in England, by bringing architects, artisans and all materials from abroad. This is love! XO

blackboard birthday greeting


I love this greeting card Irene has made for her cousin’s 16th birthday. Listen to Bruno Mars
Count on me song while you watch it, it’s even sweeter…

You can count on me like one, two, three
I’ll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like four, three, two
And you’ll be there
Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do.

Enjoy! XO

DIY Xmas

Here are some cute & cheap ideas for a DIY Xmas decor: 1. Star cookie garland, easy to do. You only need a star shaped cookie cutter and some baker’s twine. 2. Gift tag in white for you to stamp with your favourite Xmas motif (we love stars!). 3. In Spain we celebrate The Magi: “Los Reyes Magos” receive letters from children and so bring them gifts on the night before Epiphany. Each one of the Magi is supposed to represent one different continent, Europe (Melchior), Asia (Caspar) and Africa (Balthazar). Here is a card that Irene has painted in gold with The Magi’s silhouettes to decorate the Xmas tree.

rainbow kindergarten

How to brighten up a grey environment?. This kindergarten painted like a rainbow is a joyful explosion of color. Parisian architecture office Palatre & Leclère has restored and reimagined this old 1940s building, transforming it into what you can see in the images above.
Different colours in the walls, furniture designed with pleasant materials for the touch as wood, rubber or metal, provide a positive and challenging environment for children and staff. I am sure kids enjoy school much more! XO

Lili’s room

Lili’s room is so cute, so girly and so sweet… just look how gorgeous our IRENE writing desk looks in it!

(thanks to Paola)