sutten tree

suttentree1In our walks through this beautiful park in Copenhagen during our vacation…

suttentree2we discovered a tree full of soothers (“sutten” in Danish). When the child is seen as no longer a baby, usually when he starts going to kindergarten, he is encouraged to hang up his soothers on a tree to show he has grown up and doesn’t need them any more…

suttentree3We convinced Theo to do so with his soothers…let’s hope he doesn’t want them back because we left them hanging on this tree! XO

RAY toddler bed & sofa

RAYbed2Our baby is growing up and wants to get in & out of bed on his own…we are happy to introduce you to the RAY toddler bed that converts easily into a sofa.

In the shop soon! XO

the house that fell from sky & other stories

The house that fell from sky could be the tittle for a story book for kids and the images above, the illustrations.

French artist Jean-François Fourtou loves to play with the ideas of perspective and childhood worlds of imagination and magic. Playing with proportion and scale, Fourtou’s houses are inspired by personal memories of childhood and the disproportion of scenes from books such as Alice in Wonderland or Gulliver’s Travels. The experience of walking on the ceilings must evoke both a disorienting and funny feeling…and what about sharing table with a natural scale giraffe in your dining room? XO

(via covet garden)

it’s a celebration!

itsacelebrationIt’s celebration time at xo-inmyroom!
Last week, a year since we started this blog, after more than 100 post, and the good friends we’ve made…we had a good reason to celebrate. Was Pablo’s birthday too, and this yummy cake, all in pink (thank you, Yolanda!) was for Olivia’s. Already 18 and such a beauty!

And not to forget: spring is here! XO

craft as art: animal farm

Everybody knows how much we love all things handmade.
Today we came across the story of Nishi Chauhan, as she explains:“It all started with the gradual accumulation of glass bottles in our household. Beer bottles, mason jars, wine bottles, pickles, preserves and sauce bottles, ad nauseum. Soon it became difficult to ignore and the bottles in the growing pile took on a life of their own. Shapes started to emerge- animals, things, people I’d known and possibly even a cloud or two! From such trivialities are ideas born.”

animalcraft1Et voilà!…this is how the entire animal farm was born. Come and meet Peeves the penguin, Porky the pig, Gerry the giraffe, Flo the shark, Humf the hippo and Ellie the elephant!

animalcraft2Have a lovely weekend! XO

(via designboom)


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