sutten tree

suttentree1In our walks through this beautiful park in Copenhagen during our vacation…

suttentree2we discovered a tree full of soothers (“sutten” in Danish). When the child is seen as no longer a baby, usually when he starts going to kindergarten, he is encouraged to hang up his soothers on a tree to show he has grown up and doesn’t need them any more…

suttentree3We convinced Theo to do so with his soothers…let’s hope he doesn’t want them back because we left them hanging on this tree! XO

rainbow kindergarten

How to brighten up a grey environment?. This kindergarten painted like a rainbow is a joyful explosion of color. Parisian architecture office Palatre & Leclère has restored and reimagined this old 1940s building, transforming it into what you can see in the images above.
Different colours in the walls, furniture designed with pleasant materials for the touch as wood, rubber or metal, provide a positive and challenging environment for children and staff. I am sure kids enjoy school much more! XO