sad happy birthday

These days mark half a century since the death of sex symbol, actress, Hollywood icon and my fav Marilyn Monroe. With millions of Marilyn’s photos online, I always try to find the least seen.

This one is from 1953, and Marilyn is on the dance floor with Walter Winchell, an American newspaper and radio commentator. The photo was taken during Winchell’s birthday party and published in a newspaper of the day. American holographer Frank de Freitas has created this 3D image,which means you will have to wear red/blue 3D glasses in order to see it in the third dimension.

Sad Happy Birthday! XO

a tribute to Marilyn

I have always been fascinated by Marilyn since I was a girl, and I wanted to start this blog with this picture of her I recently bought in e-bay where she looks so positive, sexy and spontaneous.

It isn’t one of her famous portraits, so I wondered where, when, how and who made it. You can find almost everything in the net if you have a lot of patience and a bit of luck… if you want to learn more about this shot, you can read the whole story at Servisade.