tim & tom

These are the adventures of Tim and Tom in the animals paradise.

We found this book of the pre-photoshop era at a flea market. Written and illustrated in 1968 by Jorge de Palleja follows the adventures of Tim and Tom (probably his own children), who have such freaky adventures as the visit of a spaceship piloted by a monkey, flying on top of a butterfly, or riding a giant grasshopper on the moon’s landscape…

…the pictures speak for themselves.

a tribute to Marilyn

I have always been fascinated by Marilyn since I was a girl, and I wanted to start this blog with this picture of her I recently bought in e-bay where she looks so positive, sexy and spontaneous.

It isn’t one of her famous portraits, so I wondered where, when, how and who made it. You can find almost everything in the net if you have a lot of patience and a bit of luck… if you want to learn more about this shot, you can read the whole story at Servisade.