summer in Spain

According to the news (wich I try not to read or watch too much these days for my own sake) almost 40% of spanish people will not be able to take holidays this year due to economical crisis.

So, good news for you, if you plan to visit our country this summer, hopefully you will find in our crowded beaches in the past, room enough to display your towel and reach the water without jumping over someone else!

We are awaiting your visit. Love. XO


Summer is about to come… at least, where we live, sun is quite warm right now, so it’s time to start looking for our swimsuits and beach towels.
Kids love playing in water. The beach is the place to let them splash around and have fun.
I’ve found a vintage wooden puzzle of children having fun in the water + a painting of the sea + a japanese paper ball + an old postcard from the Costa Brava and some blue sea stones.

Everything together makes a mediterranean summer.